Screen Printing

Our company is a pioneer in the screen printing business and able to print a wide variety of substrates. While we commenced small scale printing of self-adhesive labels and stickers using the screen printing method in 1981, we broke ground in February 1982, when we responded to the need of an important customer of ours – Lever Brothers (Ceylon) Ltd., Lever Brothers pioneered the marketing of single-use shampoo sachets for the Sunsilk brand and our company was invited to undertake the responsibility of printing these sachets. Until Levers moved to producing their sachets on automatic FFS machine using pre-printed laminates in 1984, we were their exclusive printers.

We also introduced in the mid 1980’s, colour screen printing (including process colour printing) on Self Adhesive Aluminium foil, PVC sheets, PP and HDPE corrugated board. M & E was widely accepted as the leading printer in this category by MNCs and large local companies. In 1995, we introduced the largest single piece screen print - 100cm x 140cm with 4-colour process printing, to enjoy a ‘wow’ response from customers and the trade.

Following are some of the main items we undertake for screen printing.

Offset Printing

In the year 1995, we commenced offset printing of labels and stickers on a variety of paper substrates from the world’s leading self-adhesive materials manufacturers in response to requests from many customers. Best quality materials and inks are always used by us to maintain quality supplies to our extensive customer base.

Our core business is the production of self-adhesive labels and promotional stickers for most of the leading brands in Sri Lanka, for which high quality raw materials from reputed suppliers are used.

We also print non self-adhesive products such as labels, small cartons and brochures.